Optional Services Summary

The DSB offers two additional services for those users with programmatic access. These services are optional and not required for general access and connectivity to the DSB.

BT Radianz™ Connectivity Service Model
This service provides users the ability to utilise BT Radianz™ connectivity as opposed to Internet (SSL/TLS) or VPN.  It involves offering a hosting and connectivity environment supported by a hotline of specialised financial technology and business professionals.

Enterprise Service
The Enterprise Service is a managed hosting service which implements a private infrastructure stack which is scalable & configurable, calibrated for the user’s performance expectations. It has been designed for end users with a requirement for higher throughput rates & lower and/or consistent latency.

More information on both of the above services, including the associated costs, are found under the Read More section to the right. To discuss either of these options further, please contact the Technical Support team.