This blog updates on the previous DSB blog after week 8 of MiFID II, to reveal no material changes in the list of institutions publishing OTC ISINs to FIRDS, with only one new Systematic Internaliser (SI) and no change to the list of top 10 Trading Venues.

Some highlights from the data
=> A total of 1,283,816 unique DSB ISINs have been reported to FIRDS a total of 1,859,551 times – representing almost 19% of all DSB ISINs created (prior month was 21%)
=> 10 institutions were responsible for 95% of OTC ISINs reported by Venues – with the top 10 list not varying materially from the prior month
=> 67.5% of all OTC ISINs in FRIDS were reported by venues – again, largely unchanged from February 2018 month end
=> A breakdown of data by Venue and SI is provided below


Published by Malavika Solanki

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