Proprietary Indices

The DSB’s Proprietary Index workflow was developed in collaboration with industry and is designed to allow paid users of the DSB ISIN service to submit proprietary indices that are to be used as an underlying for OTC Derivative instruments.

Key features of the Proprietary Indices submitted to the DSB include but are not limited to the following:

  • The DSB maintains the enumeration list for the attribute / asset class combination
  • Change management is controlled by the DSB
  • These are indices defined by a single institution.  The DSB will consider any index as proprietary, unless declared otherwise.
  • Proprietary Indices submitted to the DSB are considered free from any IPR issues and are fully distributable to all users of the DSB in its primary course of business
  • Submission of an Index to the DSB accepts the fact that other users creating ISINs may refer to this index
  • The Proprietary change management workflow is subject to all DSB agreements and associated policies

Submissions must be sent by approved requesters who can achieve this status by applying to the DSB using the DSB Authorised Requester form here.

Once authorised, Industry participants are encouraged to submit their indices to the DSB via using the DSB Proprietary Index submission file that can be downloaded here.


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