DSB BT Radianz™

The DSB offers BT Radianz as connectivity option for users with programmatic access. This service is optional and not required for general access and connectivity to the DSB.

DSB BT Radianz™ Connectivity

Who should consider the DSB BT Radianz™ connectivity service?
  • This service provides users the ability to utilise BT Radianz™ connectivity as opposed to Internet (SSL/TLS) or VPN. It involves offering a hosting and connectivity environment supported by a hotline of specialised financial technology and business professionals.
  • The DSB BT Radianz™ service is aimed at programmatic users who want to connect to the DSB using the BT Radianz™ network:
    • The BT Radianz™ network is a resilient and secure network
    • The BT Radianz™ network is used by many of the DSB
  • The DSB is an available target in the BT Radianz™ network (extranet)

BT Radianz™ Service Fees

Cost (EUR K) excluding VATOne OffMonthlyAnnual
Setup fee5.0
Management fee2.530.0

More Information

  • DSB BT Radianz™ connectivity service fees apply in addition to any other DSB fees
  • Rolling 12 month duration

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DSB BT Radianz™ Connectivity Service

Access and download the PDF guide to our DSB BT Radianz™ Connectivity Service

DSB BT Radianz™ User Addendum

Sign up to DSB BT Radianz™ via the User Addendum to the DSB Access and Usage Agreement


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