UAT 2 Environment

About the UAT 2 environment:

  • The UAT 2 environment is available for current fee paying users only.
  • The UAT 2 environment is functionally complete and will enable users of the DSB to create and retrieve ISINs using the predefined set of OTC Product Definitions.
  • The UAT 2 software version will always mirror production allowing end users to test their changes against the DSB’s current production version.
  • The UAT 1 software version will represent the DSB’s next software version allowing end users to test against the DSB’s next production release.
  • The UAT 2 ISIN database will initially be empty to allow users to onboard. Discussions are ongoing with the TAC as to what data, if any, is populated and how frequently, and how UAT 2 will interact with ToTV data. Updates on these decisions will be made available on this page.
  • The UAT 2 environment operating hours will match the current UAT operating hours.
  • Use the button on the right to access the UAT 2 Registration forms.

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