OTC ISINS/FIRDS Reconciliation Service

The OTC ISIN/ Financial Instruments Reference Data System (FIRDS) Reconciliation Service identifies any EZ ISINs published in the ESMA FIRDS which do not exist in the DSB’s OTC ISIN production repository at the time of the reconciliation.

This service is being provided to assist DSB users with identifying any EZ ISINs in their systems which have not been allocated by the DSB’s OTC ISIN production environment.  Use of incorrect ISINs can lead to reporting issues, particularly with the DSB’s ToTV service which is itself unable to retrieve the OTC ISIN details where the EZ ISIN code does not exist in the OTC ISIN repository.

The service runs each Monday at 11:00 UTC and compares the latest FIRDS snapshot against the DSB’s production environment.

Where an EZ ISIN that does not exist in the DSB’s production environment is identified in FIRDS, the EZ ISIN will be reported in the Reconciliation file. Each line within the file contains a single field which is the EZ ISIN identified as not being present in the DSB’s production environment. The Reconciliation file may be empty if no unidentified ISINs are found.

The Reconciliation file will be published in a manually downloadable file available on the right. Work is ongoing to make the Reconciliation file available as an automated download. Users will be notified once this becomes available.

Please note, the files generated as part of this Reconciliation Service are based on a specific point in time. Due to the random generation of EZ ISINs, the EZ ISINs identified may become production OTC ISINs at a later point in time.

The DSB is unable to amend, edit or request changes to the ESMA FIRDS (in accordance with MiFIR and MAR) and is providing this Reconciliation Service for EZ ISINs only.

Providing the Reconciliation file is dependent on the FIRDS snapshot file being available.


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