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The Derivatives Service Bureau is a global numbering agency for OTC derivatives

About DSB

The Derivatives Service Bureau is a global numbering agency for OTC derivatives serving the needs of market participants through the allocation of International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN), Unique Product Identifiers (UPI), the Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI) and Financial Instrument Short Name (FISN). These are globally recognised and adopted ISO standards for identifying, classifying and describing financial instruments. 

In 2019, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) designated the DSB as both the service provider for the UPI system for OTC Derivatives and the operator of the UPI reference data library. The UPI is used for identifying OTC Derivative products in Transaction Reporting data and to help assess systemic risk and detect market abuse.

Product Committee (PC)

The Product Committee (PC) is an industry group that works beside the Board of the Derivatives Service Bureau. The PC oversees the definitions of a broad range of OTC derivatives and how they translate into data requirements for allocation of identifiers. They also support the development and inclusion of descriptive taxonomies used to identify OTC derivatives.

Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)

In 2018 the DSB established a new industry committee to support the DSB Board on technology issues to ensure that the DSB’s technology strategy is aligned with the needs of the markets it serves. The DSB Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) is comprised of representatives of DSB user organizations, independent experts and regulatory observers.

Financial Accounts

The DSB file its statutory accounts every year, which contains the independent auditor’s report conducted in accordance with FRS 102 the Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK. To facilitate greater transparency, the Financial Statements include the audited analysis of profit and loss account and other comprehensive income segmented into DSB ISIN, DSB Commercial (Optional Services) and DSB UPI activities.

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