OTC ISIN Pre-Population

OTC ISIN Pre-Population explained

Although the UPI Service is a separate service from the OTC ISIN Service, there is a hierarchical relationship between the UPI and the OTC ISIN, the UPI being a parent of the OTC ISIN. An OTC ISIN will have only one UPI parent, but a UPI may have none, one or many OTC ISIN children.

The Technology Advisory Strategy Subcommittee (TAC SSC) recommended that the existing DSB database should be used to seed the UPI database which would pre-populate OTC ISINs with their UPI parent. The TAC SSC rationale was that this would remove the need for a large number of UPI create requests from industry at initial go-live, thereby simplifying the operational activities in the first few months of UPI go-live. Further details about the Pre-population process are in the OTC ISIN UPI Pre-Population process document under Read More.

In the UAT environment, the pre-population process commenced on 15 July 2023 and completed on 24 September 2023. Click here for the UAT pre-population process metrics. 

The pre-population process will commence in the Production environment on 15 October 2023.


Pre-Population Production Environment Timeline

OTC ISIN Pre-Population process Production statistics

OTC ISIN Records 

Volumes As at 15 October 2023
Total Number of ISINS in UAT  Available on 15 October 2023
Total Number of Swap ISINS Available on 15 October 2023
Total Number of Non-Swap ISINS Available on 15 October 2023

The process has processed the following number of OTC ISIN records (tables are updated on a weekly basis, last updated 29 September 2023):

StatusRatesCreditFXEquityCommodities OtherTotal
Ignored (Deleted)       
Grand Total         
% Complete 0% 0%0%0%
 0% 0%

The process generated the following UPI population:

StatusRatesCreditFXEquityCommodities OtherTotal

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