OTC ISIN Fees & Rules

Current OTC ISIN Fees & Rules 2023

The legal documentation for 2023 has been published and a small set of updates have been made that will come into effect on 16 October 2023 when the UPI Service is launched in Production. 

OTC ISIN Past Fees & Rules

This is a comprehensive collection of OTC ISIN past fees and rules from 2017 to 2023. It includes yearly DSB User Agreement and Policies, summaries of amendments, consultations about user fees and agreements, and a detailed fee breakdown specific to that year. This provides a clear historical perspective of the changes and trends in the OTC ISIN fees and rules over these years.

OTC ISIN Fee Model Variables

DSB operates on a cost recovery basis where annual user fees recover the Total DSB Costs. Annual user fees are derived using a fee model calculation which comprises the variables Total DSB Cost, Number of Infrequent Users, Number of Standard Users, Search Only API Users and Number of Power Users fixed no later than the end of the first Working Day in December each year…


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