View the 2023 DSB Main Terms and Policies

The legal documentation for 2023 has been published and may be subject to change until the UPI service is operational. Any changes will be communicated through the notification process.

Fee Breakdown for 2023

Separated by User Type


More Information

  • Fees shown are exclusive of VAT
  • DSB operates on a cost recovery basis. Annual user fees are derived using a fee model calculation, see Fee Variables
  • Users are able to upgrade their connectivity status at any time
  • Users are able to join the DSB at any time

Fee Model: Principles

Cost Recovery

The numbering agency services will be provided on a cost-recovery basis

Unrestricted Data

DSB ISINs and their associated data will have no licensing restrictions on usage and distribution

Open Access

Access to the DSB archive for consumption of OTC derivative ISINs and associated reference data will be available to all registered organizations and users

Payment in Advance

To the extent possible the DSB will levy fees through annual contracts that require payment in advance, in order to provide clarity in aligning fee levels with cost recovery