DSB Premium Support

The DSB offers Premium Support for fee paying OTC ISIN and/or UPI users. This service is optional and not required for general access and connectivity to the DSB.
Users of both OTC ISIN and UPI services must subscribe to Premium Support for both services.

DSB Premium Support

Who should consider the DSB Premium Support service?

The Premium Support Service is an optional service which provides the ability to speak to our Support Team in addition to the standard support route of self-help materials and the self-service Client Onboarding & Support Platform (COSP). Premium Support users benefit from:

  • Access to the DSB Support Hotline to discuss any aspect of the OTC ISIN and UPI services or the onboarding process
  • Integration of an employees’ DSB system access into an organisation’s Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication model
  • Completion by the DSB of any required surveys or questionnaires relating to, for example supplier management, information security or risk management
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP) attestations

Premium Support Service Fees

ServiceManagement Fee (/mth)
OTC ISIN-Only Premium Support€ 4,000
UPI-Only Premium Support€ 4,000
OTC ISIN & UPI Premium Support€ 5,000

More Information

  • 12 month or 36 month term available

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