The submission spreadsheet and associated workflow are designed to provide an efficient mechanism for industry representatives to engage with the DSB in adding new proprietary indices to the DSB enumerated list.

This submission process will only be accepted for the following asset classes:

  • Credit
  • Equities
  • Commodities

The full suite of documentation for the process is comprised of:

  • DSB Proprietary Index Change Workflow Description (available here )
  • DSB Authorised Requestor Form (use the online form)
  • DSB Proprietary Index Submission Form (available here )


  • Only submissions made by Authorised Requesters will be accepted into the DSB’s Proprietary Index Change workflow
  • Authorisation must be sought no less than five working days in advance of submitting information – using the DSB Authorised Requestor Form, process described below
  • Each organization wishing to participate in this process:
    • must have at least one nominated administrator
    • is responsible for maintaining its list of authorised users
    • will be allowed a maximum of five nominated users
    • must be a valid DSB User i.e. a signatory or named Affiliate as set out in the DSB Access and Usage Agreement


  • Authorised Requesters use the DSB Proprietary Index Submission Form to submit any additions to the proprietary index list
  • Send the completed form to product.management@anna-dsb.com
  • On receipt of submissions, the DSB will update the publicly available list of enumerations here or daily download file and will consist of the unique organisational prefix and index name only
  • Please note that enumerations cannot be deleted or amended
  • Timing:
    • The DSB will endeavour to acknowledge and include on the “proprietary index master list” within 24 hours, although this is likely to be less
    • London working hours only with submissions ratified and included on the “proprietary index master list” between 9am and 6pm on a London business day
    • If there is sufficient industry interest, the DSB could investigate significantly automating the submission process, thereby improving responsiveness


The User (or its Affiliates) are prohibited from using this form to submit information that is subject to intellectual property constraints and acknowledge that the User is free to share the data with the DSB. The User (and its Affiliates) also acknowledge that any data provided to the DSB via this form will remain fully distributable to all users of the DSB as set out in the DSB Access and Usage Agreement and accompanying Policies.

Furthermore, DSB data is available via file download to all users of the service and can be accessed, copied, reproduced, stored, distributed, disclosed, derived or otherwise communicated by any user of the DSB service, subject to the Third Party Data provision in the Acceptable Use Policy.

Users submitting data to the DSB do so on behalf of the organisation for whom they are authorised requesters and by inference the authorised user’s organisation complies with the usage terms above.

Submission of an Index to the DSB accepts the fact that other users creating ISINs may refer to this index

Please note that these terms may be subject to change


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