DSB Publishes OTC ISIN Consultation Report 1st July 2021

London, 1st July 2021: The Derivatives Service Bureau (DSB), founded by the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) to facilitate the allocation and maintenance of International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs), Classification of Financial Instrument codes (CFIs) and Financial Instrument Short Names (FISNs), for OTC derivatives, has today announced publication of the final report for the 2021 industry consultation on the 2022 OTC ISIN and CFI service provision.

The results summarized in the final report include:

  • Support for enhanced supplier risk assessment requirements to be taken forward on a discretionary service basis, outside the core cost recovery framework.
  • Analysis on the implementation of a Security Operations Centre supported by industry participants at the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC).
  • Catalogue the existing enterprise tooling in use by the DSB and presentation of this information back to the TAC at a future date.
  • Undertake a detailed review of the DSB’s cloud deployment and the roles and responsibilities of the Service Provision Partner (SPP) supported by industry participants at the TAC.

The DSB is designed to facilitate near-real-time allocation of OTC ISINs, CFIs and FISNs, with an underlying technology platform that can handle multiple taxonomies of definitions and descriptive data. ISINs for OTC derivatives are now used in 33 countries. Wherever a financial product is first created, its ISIN enables it to be recognised and traded between buyers and sellers around the world and subsequently efficiently processed, managed and administered by post-trade teams.

For more information please contact us at otc.data@anna-dsb.com.


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