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Consultation Paper

The consultation opened on 30th April 2021 and closed on 31st May 2021. A final consultation report will be published on 1st July 2021. The consultation paper seeked to obtain industry views on a broad range of topics arising from user feedback during the prior 12-month period and to determine appetite for enhancing the DSB’s services within the communal cost recovery ring-fence. The document seeks to present information for market participants’ review and feedback, with the consultation focused on a range of questions relating to cybersecurity risk assessments, enterprise wide risk monitoring tools and enhanced support for expanding supplier risk assessment questionnaires for the 2022 service provision.


A webinar to address consultation related queries took place on Thursday 13th May 2021. The webinar set out the key themes in the DSB Consultation Paper of 2021. The purpose of the webinar was to provide industry with an opportunity to submit any questions following publication of the consultation paper on 30th Apr 2021.  The accompanying slide deck is designed to work in conjunction with the consultation document. Access the recording using the buttons on the right-hand side.

List of public and anonymized responses to consultation with links to PDF files:

No responses were received within the consultation period.

Feedback received outside of consultations:

Consultation Timeline

Publication of DSB Consultation Paper (CP) Fri 30 Apr 2021
WebinarThu 13 May 2021
Industry feedback on the CPFri 30 Apr - Mon 31 May 2021
Final Consultation Report publicationThu 1 Jul 2021
DSB 2022 draft Access & Usage Agreement (UA) publication Tue 10 Aug 2021
Deadline for industry feedback on proposed UA changesFri 3 Sep 2021
DSB 2022 final UA publication Fri 17 Sep 2021
User termination deadlineFri 1 Oct 2021
Annual User fees for 2022 calculatedMon 4 Oct 2021
2022 User fees publishedWed 6 Oct 2021