2023 April template updates in UPI UAT environment

Release Milestones

OTC ISIN Release to accommodate UPI ServiceMilestonesStatusNotification
Final Documentation Available17 April 2023Completed 
UPI UAT Release17 April 2023Completed 

JSON and Documentation Links

Product TemplatesLinks


(includes OTC ISIN and UPI JSON Schema)

Change Details

Review the spreadsheet in the Link to view the templates affected by each of the minor changes listed. Note, these changes are available in UPI UAT environment only.
DSB IDTitleType 
VariousAttribute name updated from Underlier ID to UnderlyingInstrumentISINTemplate updatesLink
 CreditIndexVersionProp attribute removed and Minimum value set to 0 for CreditIndexSeries and CreditIndexVersion
 Delivery Type values updated
 GUI attribute label corrected from Instrument Index ISIN to Underlying Instrument ISIN
 New attribute – Return Underlier ID
 Other added as a valid underlier input for Underlying Instrument LEI
 Reference Rate codeset name updated to FpmlRatesReferenceRate.json
 Return or Payout Trigger attribute now mandatory for Foreign Exchange class
 Return or Payout Trigger now optional for Commodities
 Spreadbets supported for Return or payout trigger
 UnderlyingRecord.UnderlierIDSource updated to allow only ISIN (LEI and UPI removed)
 UPI UAT GithubJSON folder name has been renamed to OTC-Products  
File Download Structure ChangesFile Download area updated to reflect both OTC ISIN and UPI Services Link


Affected Templates

Asset ClassTemplate Request NameTemplate Record Name
All Asset ClassesPlease click on the link in the Change Details table above for details.Please click on the link in the Change Details table above for details.


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