DSB Introduction to the Unique Product Identifier (UPI) Service Webinar 

DSB Introduction to the Unique Product Identifier (UPI) Service Webinar 

DSB invites you to a webinar to launch and introduce the new Unique Product Identifier (UPI) Service

London, 5th April 2023 –  To accompany the launch of User Acceptance Testing (UAT), the Derivatives Service Bureau (DSB) invites you to attend an introductory webinar on the Unique Product Identifier (UPI) Service.

The webinar will include an overview of the DSB and the UPI, UPI User Types and connectivity options, how to onboard using the Client Onboarding and Support Platform (COSP), the UPI Product Definitions, indicative User Fees and UAT operating times. More details about the UPI are available on the DSB Website[1].

Topic:  DSB Introduction to the Unique Product Identifier (UPI) 
Format:  Webinar 
Date:  Tuesday 18 April 2023 
Time:  13.00pm UTC (14:00 BST, 15:00 CEST, 09:00 EDT) 
Duration:  1 hour 
Register:  https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_lVQ6wjo5RReREPK3zcwdLg 

Please note that the webinar will be recorded for future playback and will be made available on the DSB website. This invitation has been distributed to all existing DSB users and those who have asked to be notified of UPI updates. Please feel free to share this invitation with relevant colleagues and other industry stakeholders.

Action Required:
To complete registration for the Webinar, please click on the link and enter the relevant details through the ‘Register’ button on the Zoom platform.
Once completed, users will receive an email containing the webinar information from Zoom (mailto:no-reply@zoom.us). Please add the invite to your calendar. 

Information about the UPI Service is available in the UPI Guide[2] and UPI FAQ[3]. Please email additional questions in advance to DSB Secretariat

[1] https://www.anna-dsb.com/upi/

[2] https://www.anna-dsb.com/download/upi-guide/

[3] https://www.anna-dsb.com/download/upi-faq/



  DSB Launches Unique Product Identifier User Acceptance Test Service…

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