Cloud Architecture Sub-Committee

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The DSB Cloud Architecture Sub Committee (CASC) has been formed to consider matters relating to the DSB’s Infrastructure implementation in the Cloud.  The initial focus will be on questions 5 and 6 of the Industry consultation report from the DSB’s 2020 Industry Consultation process which were approved for analysis in 2021 with the caveat that a subcommittee was formed to oversee the analysis.

In October 2020 the TAC members requested greater clarity about the proposed subcommittee and in April 2021, the DSB announced the creation of the Cloud Architecture Sub Committee (CASC).

The CASC has been formed from the existing TAC members, with members having the option to delegate to an alternative individual within their organisation with specialist domain expertise.  The CASC will report any findings to the DSB TAC.

Further information about the mission, membership and operations of the TAC Cloud Architecture Sub Committee (CASC) may found in the TAC CASC charter.


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