DSB operates on a cost recovery basis where annual user fees recover the Total DSB Costs. Annual user fees are derived using a fee model calculation which comprises the variables Total DSB Cost, Number of Infrequent Users, Number of Standard Users and Number of Power Users fixed no later than the end of the first Working Day in December each year, as per the DSB Charges Policy.

2020 Fee Model Variables:
The DSB currently provides access to OTC ISIN data for more than 470 organisations, across 33 jurisdictions, of which 70% consume the data free of charge. Fee paying user numbers have remained broadly stable since December 2018, with 122 fee paying users in December 2019.

Moving into its third year of operations, the DSB 2020 Total DSB Cost Forecast reflects the normal and expected yearly adjustments such as inflation, as well as uplift related to industry approved services from 2019 such as a second UAT environment which includes the related ongoing maintenance and operational costs, additional capital expenditure amortization costs which remain in line with forecasts, support for stakeholder education activities to continue the commitment to data alignment and workflow efficiency, as well as additional research and analysis requested by industry during the annual consultation process.

Fee Variable2020 Value as at 2 Dec 2019Values as at 31st Mar 2020Values as at 30th Jun 2020
Total DSB Cost Forecast€10.16m€10.16m€10.16m
Number of Infrequent Users374141
Number of Standard Users121212
Number of Power Users737475


2020 Total DSB Cost Forecast

Annual user fees recover the DSB overhead costs. The tables below show the breakdown of the 2020 Total DSB Cost Forecast upon which the 2020 annual user fees were calculated.

Excess revenues resulting from additional contracts and operating cost efficiencies go to defraying the Total DSB Cost Forecast for the next contract year. Costs include a 20% margin for financial sustainability:

Category (Recurring)DescriptionAmount
Technology & OperationsOperation of the DSB platform including technical and asset class support€7,109K
ManagementSenior management team including MD, MSP management team and CFO €975K
AdministrationAdministrative costs and overheads such as office space, travel and expenses and administrative support functions €894K
External consultantsExternal oversight, legal, professional & stakeholder outreach€555K
Excess Fee IncomeReflects the budget reduction based on the DSB Statutory Accounts 2018 -€1,108K
Total €8,425K
Category (Time-limited)DescriptionAmount
Build Costs / CapexAmortization of build costs 2016-2019 €1,498K
Financing costsStart-up loan interest costs repaid over 4 years €240K
Total €1,738K

2019 Fee Model Variables:

Fee Variable2019 Value as at 3 Dec 2018Values as at 31st Mar 2019Values as at 30th Jun 2019Values as at 30th Sep 2019
Total DSB Cost Forecast€9.14m€9.14m€9.14m€9.14m
Number of Infrequent Users29323437
Number of Standard Users12121212
Number of Power Users73747575


2018 Fee Model Variables:

Fee Variable2018 Value as at 5 Jan 2018
Total DSB Cost Forecast€9.2m
Number of Infrequent Users15
Number of Standard Users10
Number of Power Users78