March 2023 Release

Release Milestones

November 2022 DSB ReST API Component ChangeMilestonesStatusNotification
Final Documentation Available17 October 2022Ongoing 
UAT Release6 August 2022Completed2022-07-18 Notification
Final Go/No-Go Decision (November)2 November 2022CompletedRelease postponed.
Final Go/No-Go Decision (March)15 March 2023Ongoing 
Production and UAT2 Release19 March 2023Ongoing 

JSON and Documentation Links

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Change Details

DSB IDTitleType Github Change Request
DSB-1806Basic Authentication BugComponent UpgradeN/AN/A


Action Required

  • Users that do not already adhere to RFC-7617 will not be able to send REST API requests if they do not update their authentication method.
  • Therefore, Users who do not already adhere to RFC-7617 must update their Authentication header. You may refer to section 2.1 of the REST RoE for the authentication changes. The latest REST RoE can be found here.
  • The DSB’s UAT environment will be unavailable between 12:00 AM UTC on the Saturday of the UAT Release weekend and 12:00 PM UTC on the Sunday of the UAT Release weekend to allow for the implementation.

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