UPI Implementation Timeline

# UPI Implementation Milestones 


1st UPI Fee Model Consultation period 11th Jan – 5th Mar 2021 
List of Product Templates published for user information 30th Apr 2021 
Draft API and Connectivity Specifications (rules of engagement) published 30th Apr 2021 
2nd UPI Fee Model Consultation paper published 10th May – 9th Jul 2021 
Industry Feedback window closes for 2nd UPI Fee Model Consultation  9th Jul 2021 
Responses to the 2nd UPI Fee Model Consultation published 30th July 2021 
7Draft UPI Product Template documentation published 1 Aug 2021 
UPI Fee Model Consultation Final Report published 27th Sep 2021 
Publication of DSB UPI Legal Terms and Conditions Consultation Paper 2nd Nov 2021 
10 UPI Legal Consultation – Explanatory Webinar 19th Nov 2021 
11 UPI Legal Consultation – Explanatory Webinar 210th Nov 2021 
12UPI Legal Consultation – Industry feedback deadline19th Jan 2022
13Publication of DSB UPI Legal Terms and Conditions Consultation Final Report + UPI Access and Usage Agreement 12th Apr 2022
14UPI Product Templates finalized and published7th September 2022
15UPI Technical Specifications for API connectivity finalized and published7th September 2022
16Finalisation of the final User Agreement and related policies28th September 2022
17Internal DSB Quality Assurance Testing of UPI Platform Ongoing
18 UPI User Acceptance and Integration Testing Commences + User on-boarding commences 17 April 2023
19 UPI Production system available – live UPIs can be created, searched and reported 16 October 2023

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