This page provides a collection of links to the draft Change Request Forms (CRFs) for all UPI products – describing the detailed behaviour of the products that are to be supported by the DSB.

The CRFs published on this webpage have been reviewed by the DSB Product Committee (PC) and provide a set of initial specifications for the UPI. However, it should be noted that the CRFs are expected to be updated in order to reflect any decisions or changes of approach made to the UPI Product Definitions. All changes made to the CRFs will be reviewed / approved by the PC and a notification will be published as soon as they have been made available on this webpage.

The sections below provide links to the following documentation within each of the main asset classes:

  1. The CRF for individual OTC derivative products.
  2. A zipped file containing all the CRFs for the asset class.
  3. A summary spreadsheet containing template definitions for each asset class.

Members of the user community are invited to review the draft CRFs and to submit their comments to the by 31 October 2021. Issues raised will be reviewed by the PC and, if accepted, be incorporated into the final UPI Product Definition documents (in support of the initial UPI release) that are due for publication on 30 November 2021.