FIRDS Data Analysis for June 2018

June saw yet another marked increase in the number of DSB ISINs reported to FIRDS, with most of the increase driven by venues. 33% more OTC ISINs were reported to FIRDS in June 2018 vs. the prior month end, with most of the increased reporting for 11 products as shown in the table below.

With six months of reporting now complete, we thought it might be helpful to review the overall reporting by asset class and MIC type. As with prior months, there is little reporting for commodities in general, with what little exists being driven by OTFs.

A detailed breakdown for every DSB product type reported to FIRDS is set out below, with additional granularity into the type of venue reporting the ISIN.

Three new MICs reported to FIRDS in the month of June, one OTF and two SIs, who reported a combined total of 32.5k OTC ISINs, with one SI responsible for most of the trades reported. The usual MIC level analysis is set out below.

Finally, a reminder to readers that the DSB’s second consultation about proposed service levels, functionality, service availability, user fees and changes to the user agreement is currently open for comment and closes at 5pm UTC on 27th July 2018. Please submit your responses or any questions seeking clarification to


Published by Malavika Solanki

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