FIRDS Data Analysis for October 2018

Four new MICs reported reference data to FIRDS this month –  one OTF and three SIs. This takes the total number of reporting MICs to 85 – 32 MTFs who mostly report FX and Rates, 33 OTFs who have a broader asset class spread and 20 SIs who mostly report all but commodities’ reference data.

October snapshot data shows a modest increase in the headline rate of reference data reporting to regulators (up 8% month-on-month), with significant variation at product level.

As with prior months, there is little reference data reporting for commodities in general, with OTFs continuing to dominate this arena, although SIs reported commodity derivative data for the first time in September 2018. A detailed breakdown for every DSB product reported to FIRDS (for reference data purposes) is set out below.

The list of MICs reporting to FIRDS was largely consistent, with one new OTF and three new SIs reporting to FIRDS in October 2018. The usual MIC level analysis is set out below.


As mentioned a few months ago, we also note that a small handful of users have reported UAT (i.e. test) OTC ISIN records to FIRDS and urge readers to ensure their systems are set up to only consume Production Data when making regulatory submissions.


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Published by Malavika Solanki

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