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ToTV AmendmentMilestonesStatusNotification
UAT Release10 Jul 2019Completed2019-07-10-notification
Final Go/No-Go Decision5 Aug 2019Completed2019-08-08-notification
Production Release14 Aug 2019Completed2019-08-15-notification

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Dedicated ToTV/uToTV pageLink

Change Details

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ToTV File Download amendment to address an increased number of files Link
ISTOTV-335Amend ToTV File Download generation process to deal with an increase in number of files published by FIRDS and FITRS

As a reminder, ToTV File Download data for the day is made available once the DSB has completed processing of FIRDS/FITRS data for the day (see here for information about the DSB ToTV service).
On days when a large number of FIRDS/FITRS files are published, the generation of DSB ToTV Files for Download may complete on the next day and ToTV files timestamped as T are therefore made available on T+1. There is currently an edge case where if data published on T completes processing on T+1, then T+1 data is not made available on T+1, and is included in T+2 ToTV File Download generation instead. The DSB change will allow for T+1 ToTV files to be made available on the same day (T+1) if previous day ToTV files generation ( files timestamped as T) overruns.

Action Required

  • Users who are consuming DSB ToTV Files should expect and code for the possibility that ToTV files dated T will occasionally be made available on T+1 as part of the normal process due to an increased number of FIRDS/FITRS files. Specifically, this scenario is more like to occur on a weekly basis when the Full FIRDS/FITRS files are made available.

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