The DSB entered a Heightened Awareness Period on 10 April 2020 with additional governance and controls regarding all change to DSB systems.

2020 Q3 Aug SONIA Compounded Index
* A new Reference Rate is to be added to all Rates templates and Cross-Asset templates with a Floating Rate for SONIA Compound Index.
UAT Release8 August 2020CategoryProducts
Production ReleaseTBCStatusQA Testing
2020 Q3 Sept
* Set Attribute "LastUpdate DateTime" As A Required Field In Record Templates
* Map The Other Reference Rate To The 4 Character ISO 20022 Standard
* New enumerations added
UAT Release12 August 2020CategoryProducts
Production Release20 Sept 2020StatusCompleted
2020 Q1 June
* Add 2 USD Reference Rates
* Add 1 Turkish Reference Rate
* Add 3 Credit Indices
UAT Release2 May 2020
16 May 2020
Production Release21 June 2020StatusCompleted
2020 Q2 Dynamic Enumerations
* Release of normalised templates
UAT Release3 May 2020CategoryProducts
Production Release28 June 2020StatusCompleted
2020 Q1 March
See Notification
* Release of one new Rates Options template
UAT Release2 Feb 2020CategoryProducts
Production Release23 May 2020StatusCompleted
2020 ToTV March
See Notification
* Bug Fix for EoD ToTV files generated in historical mode
* Optimization of ToTV/uToTV File Download generation
* Introduction of idle timeout for ToTV requests
UAT Release26 Feb 2020CategoryProducts
Production Release10 May 2020StatusCompleted
2020 SORA
See Notification
* Add SORA
UAT Release8 Feb 2020CategoryProducts
Production Release9 Feb 2020StatusCompleted
2019 Nov
See Notification
* Release of two new Rates Swaps templates
UAT Release6 Oct 2019CategoryProducts
Production Release17 Nov 2019StatusCompleted
2019 EuroSTR
See Notification
* Add EuroSTR
UAT Release29 Sep 2019CategoryProducts
Production Release29 Sep 2019StatusCompleted
2019 Sep
See Notification
* Add IR Term of Contract (Field 41) and Tenor Calculator Functionality
* Add UK Base Rate
* Normalisation of DeliveryType and PriceMultiplier
UAT Release7 July 2019CategoryProducts
Production Release22 Sep 2019StatusCompleted
2019 Aug ToTV
See Notification
* ToTV File Download amendment to address an increased number of files
UAT Release10 July 2019CategoryProducts
Production Release14 Aug 2019 StatusCompleted
2019 Open Source
See Notification
* Make available the Open Source for the Tenor Calculator
UAT ReleaseNot applicableCategoryProducts
Production Release19 Jul 2019StatusCompleted
2019 July
See Notification
* Release of 3 new Commodity Single Index Templates
* Onshore vs Offshore CNY Support for FX Non-Standard Forward
* Fix issue where GUI users were unable to create an ISIN if selected enumeration value contained "&"
UAT Release2 June 2019 CategoryProducts
Production Release7 July 2019 StatusCompleted
2019 Feb
See Notification
* Release of 3 new Cross Asset templates
* Release of Portfolio Swap template
UAT Release6 Jan 2019CategoryProducts
Production Release17 Feb 2019StatusCompleted