Release Milestones

May 2022 Release  Milestones Status Notification
Product Committee Approval 9 Feb 2022 Complete
Draft Documentation Available N/A N/A
Final Documentation Available N/A N/A
UAT Release 9 April 2022 Complete 2022-04-06_Notification
Final Go/No-Go Decision 27 April 2022 Complete
UAT2 Release 30 April 2022 Complete
Production and Release 1 May 2022 Complete


JSON and Documentation Links

Product Templates Links
Templates N/A
Documentation N/A

Change Details

DSB ID Title Type Github Change Request
May 2022 release
DSB-1498 Effective Date enhanced validation Validation N/A N/A
DSB-1120 RATES : ISDA 2021 : Add a Suffix of ISDA Definition to the Reference Rate Dropdown in the GUI GUI Titles N/A Link


Action Required

  • The DSB’s UAT environment will be unavailable between 12:00 AM UTC on the Saturday of the UAT Release weekend and 12:00 PM UTC on the Sunday of the UAT Release weekend to allow for the implementation.

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