Release Milestones

June 2022 Release Milestones Status Notification
Final Documentation Available 30 April 2020 Complete
UAT Release 23 May 2022 Complete 2022-05-18_Notification
Final Go/No-Go Decision 1 June 2022
22 June 2022
Production and UAT2 Release 5 June 2022
26 June 2022
Complete 2022-06-26_Notification

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Change Details

DSB ID Title Type
DSB-143 Dynamic Enumerations Project System Change


Action Required

  • De-normalised schemas are the legacy format of the DSB JSON schema. Each file contains the entire definition of a product template (or a request for a product template). 
  •  The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) has recommended supporting the legacy templates for 12 months after . 
  • Users are advised to migrate to the new normalised templates as soon as possible.  
  • The de-normalised templates will no longer be supported from the 6th June 2023.