OTC ISIN Release to accommodate UPI Service

Release Milestones

OTC ISIN Release to accommodate UPI ServiceMilestonesStatusNotification
Final Documentation Available7 February 2023Completed 
UAT Release 1 *15 July 2023CompletedLink
UAT Release 2 *5 August 2023CompletedLink
Final Go/No-Go Decision4 October 2023CompletedLink
UAT2 Release 1 *14 October 2023CompletedLink
Production Release 1 *15 October 2023CompletedLink
Final Go/No-Go Decision25 October 2023Completed 
UAT2 Release 2 *4 November 2023 (TBC)On Target 
Production Release 2 *5 November 2023 (TBC)On Target 

* The release is split into two releases to align with the pre-population process. The pre-population process will pre-populate OTC ISINs with their parent UPI. 

Further details on the pre-population process is available here.

JSON and Documentation Links

Product TemplatesLinks


(includes OTC ISIN and UPI JSON Schema)


The details in the Change Request (link below) are applicable to all OTC ISIN Product Definitions. Updates to the individual OTC ISIN Product Definition documents are in progress.

The UPI Product Definition Documentation is available – UPI Product Definition Documentation

Change Details

DSB IDTitleTypeRelease 
DSB-1574Add hierarchy attributes to OTC ISIN HeaderTemplate updates1 and 2Link
DSB-1609Commodities Forward Non_StandardNew Template1Link
DSB-1610Commodities Option Non_StandardNew Template1Link
DSB-1611Commodities Swap Non_StandardNew Template1Link
DSB-1613/UPI-878Credit Forward Non_StandardNew Template1Link
DSB-1615/UPI-880Other Forward Non_StandardNew Template1Link
DSB-1718Rates Forward DebtNew Template1Link
DSB-2757Attribute “type” update from array to string (UnderlyingInstrumentIndex, UnderlyingInstrumentIndexProp, UnderlyingInstrumentISIN,Template updates1 and 2Link
DSB-2436Attribute name updated from Underlier ID to UnderlyingInstrumentISIN1
 DSB-2454Attribute Settlement Currency is now Conditional field for FX_Swap_NDS template2
 UPI-DSB-2433Attribute updated from Underlier ID to UnderlyingInstrumentISIN1
 UPI-2370CreditIndexVersionProp attribute removed and Minimum value set to 0 for CreditIndexSeries and CreditIndexVersion1
 UPI-1229/DSB-1718Delivery Type values updated1
 UPI-1267GUI attribute label corrected from Instrument Index ISIN to Underlying Instrument ISIN1 and 2
 UPI-1319ISIN/Parents/UPI Attribute should be Optional1 and 2
 DSB-2497Move Underlying Instrument attributes to Underlying component1
 DSB-1331Option Exercise Style attribute description spelling correction1 and 2
 DSB-2385Other added as a valid underlier input for Underlying Instrument LEI1
 DSB-1908Remove blank selection or space from the selection of Sub Product for the Base Product attribute1 and 2
 DSB-2626Remove Credit Forward Debt templates1
 DSB-2480Renaming of codesets – ISDACommoditiesReferenceRate to CommoditiesReferenceRate, MktCreditIndex to CreditIndex, EsmaEquityIndex to EquityIndex1 and 2
 DSB-2362Return or Payout Trigger now optional for Commodities1
 DSB-2433[RATES] Incorrect Underlier ID attribute label1
 DSB-2368Spreadbets supported for Return or payout trigger1
 UPI-1327TemplateVersion attribute now supports string type1
 DSB-2185UPI Record Templates : Return Underlier ID1
File Download Structure ChangesFile Download area updated to reflect both OTC ISIN and UPI Services 1Link

Structure of the Github Repository will be updated to accomodate the UPI.

JSON folder name will be renamed to OTC-Products.

Changes available from 15 July.




Affected Templates

Asset ClassTemplate Request NameTemplate Record Name
All Asset ClassesRefer to details in the Change Request LinksRefer to details in the Change Request Links


Action Required

  • DSB users seeking to implement associated changes are requested to upgrade to the new templates and conduct sufficient testing to satisfy the implementation of the revised DSB templates – including testing and consumption of the end of day snapshot files
    • DSB users are required to accommodate the new/changed DSB templates as early as possible during the UAT period.
    • DSB users are required to accommodate the new/changed DSB templates into their Production environments.
  • DSB users with the ability to create ISINs are requested to assist with the UAT of the DSB templates that they wish to use and to notify the DSB of any issues before the Final Go/No-Go Decision Date (see above).
  • The DSB’s UAT environment will be unavailable between 12:00 AM UTC on the Saturday of the UAT Release weekend and 12:00 PM UTC on the Sunday of the UAT Release weekend to allow for the implementation.

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