The DSB has made a large amount of documentation publicly available on our GitHub or the DSB Section of the ANNA website.

The background of the DSB and its approach to generating ISINs is outlined in our Final ISIN Principles paper published here

A Product Definition is a unique representation of the population of attributes applicable to a specific OTC Derivative product within an asset class.

The list of Product Definitions defined by the DSB cover all five assets classes in scope for MiFID II Reference Data Reporting – Rates, Credit, FX, Equities & Commodities. The population was originally based on the ISDA 2.0 taxonomy and has been expanded upon through the input of various industry taskforces.

The Product Definition documents, including an annex for each asset class and machine readable JSON templates, outline the ISIN attributes that must be sent to the DSB to create an ISIN and the full record that is returned to the user. These are published here



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