FX Swaps that are based on non-deliverable or offshore variations of non-deliverable currencies are supported through the Non-Deliverable Swap (FX.Forward.NDS) template. The template supports the input of the ISINs of two matching non-deliverable (FX.Forward.NDF).  or non-standard FX forwards (FX.Forward.Non-Standard) that have identical currency pairs and differing expiry dates.

Non-Deliverable Swap ISINs for Offshore variations of non-deliverable currencies (such as the Chinese Yuan/Renminbi) can be generated using a pair of underlying non-standard FX forwards (FX.Forward.Non-Standard). In this case, the underlying ISINs should include the ISO 4217 currency code (eg: CNY) and an appropriate ISO 3166 Place of Settlement (eg: “Hong Kong”).