The primary focus of the DSB has been to ensure market participants can meet their regulatory
obligations to create OTC-ISINs as and when a new instrument is quoted or traded for the first time
rather than to make available the pre-seeding of the entire universe of potential OTC-ISINs. The
reason for this approach is that we are aware of the regulatory requirement to report with an ISIN
by 9pm CET any instrument that was quoted or traded by 6pm CET that day.

The DSB committed a year ago to going live on 2 October to allow users to plan their approach for
production and worked hard to meet that goal. As of the 18th December, just over 1 million OTCISINs
have been created by on-boarded users since launch and we continue to encourage users to
connect that might need to create OTC derivative ISINs to the service as expediently as possible. The
DSB remains focused on ensuring that the infrastructure retains its integrity so that DSB ISIN data
can continue to be made available to market – with the various acceptable use provisions designed
to facilitate this goal.


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