Each Change Request Form (CRF) listed in this section of the DSB website includes links to reference documents (e.g.: ISO standards, regulatory specifications etc.). For the sake of consistency and ease of access, in future all external reference links will be maintained through the following table:

Title Description Source Date Link
ISO 10962 Classification of financial instruments (CFI code) Defines and describes codes for an internationally valid system to classify financial instruments ISO 2015-07 Link
ISO 4914 Unique Product Identifier (UPI) This document specifies the elements of an unambiguous scheme to identify over-the-counter (OTC) derivative products that are reportable to trade repositories. ISO 2021-11 Link
ISO 20022 FinancialInstrumentReportingReferenceDataReportV01 Describes a common platform for the development of messages. ISO *Live Document Link
DSB OTC ISIN Product Definitions A Product Definition is a unique representation of the population of attributes applicable to a specific OTC Derivative product within an asset class. DSB *Live Document Link
ISO 4217 Currency Codes This standard establishes internationally recognized codes for the representation of currencies that enable clarity and reduce errors. ISO *Live Document Link
ISO 3166 Country Codes Define internationally recognized codes of letters and/or numbers that we can use when we refer to countries and their subdivisions. ISO *Live Document Link
FpML Coding Schemes It is the open source XML standard for electronic dealings and processing of derivatives. It establishes a protocol for sharing information electronically on, and dealing in swaps, derivatives and structured products. FpML *Live Document Link
ISDA Taxonomy 2.0 Used to identify product classification when requesting an ISIN from ANNA DSB ISDA 2019-09 Link
ISO 17442 LEI Codes Specifies the minimum elements of an unambiguous legal entity identifier (LEI) scheme to identify the legal entities relevant to any financial transaction. ISO *Live Document Link
Markit Indices A broad suite of independent benchmark and tradable indices across multiple asset classes, including fixed income, equities and structured products. IHS Markit *Live Document Link
DSB Proprietary Index Enumerations Designed to allow paid users of the DSB ISIN service to submit proprietary indices that are to be used as an underlying for OTC Derivative instruments. DSB *Live Document Link
ESMA TTC Pre-trade and post-trade size specific to the instrument (SSTI) and large in scale (LIS) threshold values, for the sub-classes determined to have a liquid market, are denominated in euro. ESMA 2018-09 Link
RTS23 (EU 2017/585) Table 2 Classification of commodity and emission allowances derivations (Base Product, Sub Product, Further Sub Product) ESMA 2017-03-31 Link
DSB PROD Product Definitions – Annex 7 Indices Standard Market Indices DSB 2021-02 Link

*These are live documents that changes from time to time dependent on market requirements.


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