The OTC-ISIN population count has increased 34% in February to over 5.5 million as of close of business 28 February 2018, up from 4.1 million from 31 January 2018. The largest increase in ISINs created has been in the rates asset class, with FX and equities not far behind.

A couple of other interesting observations for the month ending February 2018 are:

ISIN Creation Highlights
=> 10 institutions have created 74% of all DSB ISINs, with 15 institutions accounting for 87% of OTC Derivative ISINs created
=> Of the top 15 institutions that have created ISINs, five are venues and the remainder are banks

ISIN Search Highlights
=> 10 institutions have conducted 94% of all search requests submitted to the DSB
=> There is reasonable level of search-only activity, with almost half of the top 15 institutions that have searched the DSB database not having created ISINs
=> Two of the top 15 institutions that have searched the DSB for data are Registered Users i.e. have free access to DSB data



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Hope this is helpful.


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