• The rate at which new OTC ISINs are being created continues to fall. Only 16% more ISINs were created in May – the lowest yet

  • Swaps comprise 70% of all OTC ISINs created, with the remainder equally distributed across forwards and options

  • Over 50% of DSB ISINs have been created for three instruments. Interestingly these are all swaps – details below:
    • Equity Swap – Price_Return_Basic_Performance_Single_Name: 2.7mm ISINs
    • FX Swap: 1.4mm ISINs
    • Interest Rate Swap – Fixed_Float: 0.8mm ISINs
    • Documentation about these product definitions is available here
  • Banks continue to drive the majority of OTC ISIN creation activities with only 2 venues amongst the top-10 list of institutions creating ISINs
  • The DSB has received 3.4 million search requests since the launch of its Production service in October 2017, with specific preferences for the types of search requests submitted by users. Details are provided below:

  • As ever, a snapshot of ISINs created for each DSB Product Definition is provided here:


Published by Malavika Solanki

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