FIRDS Data Analysis for April 2018

This months’ FIRDS data analysis provides some interesting insights including some new data points provided after a few industry participants reached out after the DSB’s previous blog on the topic.

  • Most DSB ISINs have not yet made their way to FIRDS:
    • 8.2mm OTC ISINs have been created
    • 16% of all DSB ISINs are in FIRDS Reference Data files (1.3mm)
    • 140k in FIRDS Transparency Data
  • OTC Derivatives Liquidity Metrics – there has been some industry chatter about the number of OTC Derivatives that have been reported with a liquidity flag – some numbers are provided below:
    • 1,022 Swaps
    • 22 Options
    • 7 Forwards
  • A note of caution: a handful of OTC ISINs from the UAT (test) environment appear to have found their way into the FIRDS database
  • Detailed Venue and SI level information is provided at the bottom of this note:
    • 2 new firms join the list of SIs reporting data this month
    • 2 new Trading Venues reporting data this month
    • The list of top 10 institutions reporting OTC ISINs to FIRDS (for RTS-23 purposes) appears to have stabilized
  • Disparate populations of OTC ISIN data

  • OTC Derivatives reported by SIs (for RTS-23 purposes)


  • OTC Derivatives reported by Trading Venues (for RTS-23 purposes)

Published by Malavika Solanki

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