Monthly DSB Metrics – April 2019

Published by Malavika Solanki

The number and type of OTC derivative reference data record (ISIN and/or CFI codes) creators remains consistent, with the sell-side and trading venues (similar dispersion of MTFs and OTFs) dominating data creation activity, with a much broader group of data consumers, consistent with last month’s data. DSB reference data record generation and search activity are shown in the charts below.

The rate of new ISIN creation also holds steady with the number of total OTC ISINs created at 22.6mm as set out in the tables below.

At an instrument level, there is growth in the generation of reference data for non-standard instruments, including multi-exotic commodity derivatives, including multi-exotic commodity derivatives, portfolio swaps and cross-asset instruments.


Users’ search request related interactions remain fairly consistent, with FIX based users continuing to dominate programmatic searches within the DSB. As with metrics for reference data creation, the data below shows the volume of messages received by the DSB since inception of the Production service on 2nd October 2017.



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