Publication of UPI Product Definitions and Technical Documentation

The final versions of the UPI technical and product documents are now available on the DSB’s website:

    • DSB FIX API documentation
    • DSB ReST API documentation

In line with the UPI Timeline, these documents are being published 15 months ahead of the expected first reporting mandate which is currently anticipated to be December 2023. The DSB continues to work with the authorities to ascertain revised UPI regulatory reporting mandates.

Please note:

  • The UPI JSON templates will be made available in December 2022.
  • Over the next 15 months there may be changes to the OTC ISIN Service. Due to the strict hierarchy between the OTC ISIN and UPI, updates to OTC ISIN Service may also need to be applied to the UPI Service.  Any requested changes to the UPI Service will be governed by a Change Management process utilizing the DSB’s Industry Representation Groups – the Product Committee and the Technology Advisory Committee.
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